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RaceCoach.net develops a unique, customized, focused coaching curriculum for each client. It is biased towards making the client a better, faster, safer driver on any track, in any car, in any conditions, and not just on a specific track or in a specific car. We start by asking the client some tough self-assessment questions regarding their driving and/or racing history, goals, strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations. We look at as much of their past on-track data and video as possible. And then we create an hour by hour agenda that directly addresses the goals the client wants to achieve, as well as other issues that may emerge in car. Once the client approves this agenda, we engage to address big picture milestones that make the client faster wherever they race, in whatever they drive. We use simple, reasonable metrics to measure achievement of each agenda item, with a bias towards hitting overall milestones by the end of the engagement.


“Each and every time I’ve hired him [Dave] I’ve come away with significant improvements
in my driving skills and in my lap times. I will continue to hire him for coaching, and I never
hesitate to recommend him to others.”
- Mike Globe, USA